Distribution platform for gift cards and e-vouchers

Via Intersolve’s distribution platform, you are able to sell physical and digital gift cards and e-vouchers in retail chains, small and medium sized stores, supermarkets, petrol stations and web shops.

Possibilities for distributors

Intersolve’s Retail distribution platform offers gift card distributors a sales channel for their gift cards and gift vouchers.

Card issuer opportunities

Card issuers are able to use Intersolve’s distribution platform to market their gift cards on a large-scale.

Sales channels distribution

Sales channels connected to Intersolve’s Retail distribution platform provide access to a wide range of content and choice of distributors.

Advantages of the distribution platform

Intersolve’s distribution platform ensures that there is a secure and fraud resistant link to all gift card and voucher distributors, connecting them to a huge number of webshops and stores.