Escrow: always fair and independent

Anyone buying or selling products will of course want to be able to rely on a safe and secure payment process and the transfer of the product at the agreed time. To this end, Intersolve has developed the Escrow service based on its e-wallet technology: a module that can be easily deployed and guarantees security of transactions.

Equal transaction

The Intersolve Escrow module ensures a completely fair transaction. After all, at no time does either of the two parties have access to both the product and the money. The agreed payment amount is deposited into a secure holding account by the buyer. The money is not disbursed to the seller until the product has been transferred. The transaction is not completed until the seller and the buyer have combined their own unique codes which are provided at the start of the transaction.

Escrow under the supervision of DNB

The transactions are always carried out via a holding account which is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank. In this way, both parties are guaranteed a successful and secure transaction.