Hester Bais has been appointed as a member of the Supervisory Board of Intersolve Payments B.V. commencing on 1 November 2019. Working with Henk de Gier and Wim Henk Steenpoorte (chairman) they form the Supervisory Board which supervises the policy and activities within the organisation. The appointment of Hester Bais has been approved by De Nederlandsche Bank, which regulates Intersolve Payments B.V.


Intersolve is pleased to announce the appointment of Hester Bais due to her expertise and network within the legal and financial sector. This appointment will make a positive and energetic addition to the experienced Supervisory Board, further reinforcing Intersolve’s market position.


Hester Bais is one of the two women behind BAIS Legal and as a lawyer she mainly focuses on advising financial companies on financial supervision legislation.