Administrative and financial B2B/B2C Trade platform

All sales of gift cards that are not processed in physical stores are handled via the Trade administrative and financial platform. The platform is predominantly a workflow based system that fully automates the registration, ordering, invoicing, payments and placement of repeat orders. You can place orders online via a Trade Portal, although a link to a webshop is also possible.

Flexible, safe and simple

Trade gives you the benefit of being in control of the management and maintenance of all gift cards including packaging for distribution. Entering orders via a call centre or webshop is fast and secure with this platform.

Commercial agreements in Trade platform

Your commercial agreements relating to surcharges, discounts, combinations and availability can be recorded in the Trade platform in seconds. It is also possible to include the discount or credit arrangements you have reached with your business partners. Invoicing and processing the payments happens automatically via the Trade platform and you are always guaranteed secure processing.

Various delivery methods

The customer can choose from several delivery methods and dispatch options for digital gift cards, including Email, post, bulk/files. Physical cards are delivered by post or via retail partners.