Loyalty programme for retailers

Retailers are always enthusiastic to use loyalty programmes which enable customers to save for discounts or additional products and services. Intersolve have provided loyalty solutions for a wide range or retailers from large international chains to smaller independent stores.
We work closely with our customers to utilise their existing infrastructure, as much as possible, such as working with their cash registers, (payment) terminal and webshops. This means that a loyalty programme can be fully implemented within existing IT structures, avoiding unnecessary additional costs.

Save and spend

Loyalty programmes can be set up in different ways:

  • Credit points are accumulated through purchases, which may subsequently be redeemed on special offers or for discounts.
  • The customer can receive digital coupons. These are personal offers or actions linked to a card e.g. for a specific campaign. When a card with a digital coupon is scanned, the coupon which is valid at that time will be redeemed.
  • If the consumer spends a certain value they will receive a gift card or voucher which may be used as a payment for a subsequent purchase.

A loyalty card may be a plastic card or a QR code in a mobile application.

Advantages of a successful loyalty programme

A properly planned loyalty programme increases the chances of repeat customer visits, where you can influence purchasing behaviour and the shopping experience. Your customers may save both coupons and credit points, for discount entitlements or gifts on a physical card (plastic card) or on a digital card. Intersolve can easily link customer data to your existing campaign system and your CRM system. We can provide data such as age analysis and financial information. You will therefore always be able to monitor the success of your loyalty programmes and campaigns.
We also provide a secure interconnection interface for consumer app providers.