Marketeers are discussing the increasing importance of Omnichannel and shopper activation.

Omnichannel shopper activation enables an organisation to reach new and existing customers via multiple channels. Consumers are not aware of the channel they are using and only connect with the company or brand. Purchases are therefore associated to specific company products and not webshops or stores.

There are many challenges in reaching your consumers and managing the customer purchase journey via these channels. Brand manufacturers and retailers have to overcome issues such as:

1 The customer journey is becoming increasingly complex, because the shopper is everywhere. It is therefore essential to digitise your promotions and communications further, due to the growing importance of an online presence and use of smartphones. The ROPO (Reseach Online, Purchase Offline) effect is a recurring issue.

2 Due to the decreasing use of physical brochures and the disappearance of advertising cookies, it is ever more important to be able to communicate with your shoppers yourself. This increases the importance of collecting and using your own first party data.

3 In order to be able to calculate the value of your advertising investment euros (=ROAS: Return on Advertising Spend), it is important to include the revenue from the stores in your calculations.

4 The desire is to increase segmentation and personalisation requires broader insights into the customer journey.

It is crucial for retailers and brand manufacturers to improve their understanding of their consumers and potential customers. Currently, there are a few simple fraud-resistant and traceable drive2store solutions available in the market to enable omnichannel shopper activation. These solutions make it possible to apply innovation and digitisation to promotions, being the missing link between the digital and physical world.

Intersolve has the technology and connections to nearly 90% of the Dutch retailers, with 110,000 cash registers to trace your campaigns and media channels for purchases in physical locations, at product or category level.

A current example of this is the annual Vegafavorites campaign, where we make it technically possible for our partners Albert Heijn, Postcodeloterij and Unilever to benefit from product related omnichannel shopper activation. Utilising our transaction platform, millions of transactions are securely activated and processed, for specific vegetarian products.

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