Alternative payments

The financial world is evolving rapidly and the Fintech sector in particular is seeing huge changes in the payment environment. Those who want to be part of this do not want any restrictions and are continuously looking for the newest payment solutions. Intersolve is your partner for developing these types of payment solutions. We combine technology and legislation and make your innovation unique.


Technical integration of alternative payments

  • Online via a PSP or direct link
  • Offline scanning of a QR code presented by an app
  • Offline presenting of a QR or barcode, which can be scanned by an app
  • Peer-to-peer payments

Legal requirements

Those who wish to issue their own means of payment, require a special licence from the Dutch government. This is a licence for issuing and managing electronic money. This licence is made available by De Nederlandsche Bank (the central bank of the Netherlands) and it ensures that balances are safely monitored. Intersolve is the only party in the Netherlands with a European EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licence and is therefore the reliable partner for your project.

Many links, vast range

Intersolve has a large network of retail partners and suppliers of point-of-sale equipment, which simplifies and speeds up implementation of your product.