Intersolve manages financial flows for Symbid

Symbid is a crowdfunding platform where you can invest in rapidly developing companies. The platform was looking for a reliable party that could take responsibility for the financial flows between investors and companies and eventually selected to work with Intersolve.

Crowdfunding platform

Thanks to crowdfunding, ambitious entrepreneurs can expand their business, while big-time and small-time investors can both invest in the companies they believe in. The Symbid platform ensures that this happens in an easy, transparent and accessible manner. Intersolve sees to it that the (digital) payments are carried out safely.

Duty of care towards investors

In the Netherlands, Symbid is the market leader in online financing of venture capital and operates on the basis of a licence from the AFM (the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets) for an investment firm under MiFID II (the EC Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). This means that Symbid has a duty of care towards investors and that its processes and directors have been vetted extensively and are under continuous supervision of the AFM. Symbid has outsourced the financial flows on the platform to Intersolve, so as to be sure that they meet with all the requirements and guidelines of the AFM.

Safe handling of payments

Intersolve has a licence from the Dutch central bank (De Nederlandsche Bank) to manage electronic money. This means that the administration of the funds collected and the management of the financial flows is guaranteed to be safe and reliable. Investors will receive an eWallet from Intersolve with which they can manage their investments and carry out their payments. If the investment target for a project is not reached, the money is guaranteed to be automatically deposited back into the investor’s eWallet, which can then be used for other projects or can be refunded.

The cooperation with Intersolve enables Symbid to guarantee to its investors that all payments processed via the Symbid platform are safe.” – Maarten van der Sanden