Secure payment platform for crowdfunding projects

Are you involved with crowdfunding projects? Intersolve’s payment platform enables secure money management for your projects. Providers and investors in crowdfunding projects are assigned e-wallets where the value is stored from commencement of the funding period until completion and pay out. The e-wallets offer safety and security for all parties involved.

Maximum safety for crowdfunding platform

The crowdfunding platform can be linked to your payment platform, this is in use with providers such as Symbid and Lendahand. Crowdfunding providers are required to comply with applicable legislation and regulations, which are constantly being updated due to the rapid growth of the industry.
Using Intersolve’s electronic money institution will help you control your financial flows. This guarantees maximum security and ensures your crowdfunding platform will comply with the requirements and regulations of De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch central bank).

Intersolve’s licence guarantees reimbursement

Intersolve’s licence from De Nederlandsche Bank enables you to assign e-wallets to investors and project owners via a trust/escrow construction. This licence guarantees reimbursement to the investors if the project does not go ahead. Investors can use the e-wallets for several projects and reassign balances to other projects. It is possible to take care of reimbursements for crowdfunding projects that were set up as a loan. Interest payments for these outstanding loans can also be handled by Intersolve. Users of the e-wallets can choose from various (international) payment methods, such as iDeal, credit card and bank transfer.