Payment card

Consumers settle their bills with participating retailers, acceptors and web shops with a Payment card. As an issuer, you decide where the Payment card can be accepted. Both the consumer and the issuer can easily add funds to a Payment card. Intersolve is responsible for the management of the balances on these Payment cards.

Various possibilities of the Payment card

Some municipalities use a Payment card to offer Additional Voluntary Care or for assigning an additional budget from the families on minimum income. Local participating businesses offer the cardholder extra advantages or gifts when the credit on the Payment card is spent with them. Intersolve may link the Payment card to a loyalty programme, which makes the Payment card an even more powerful marketing tool.

The Payment card can also be used in other areas, for example in restaurants, to make payments in school or sport club canteens or for certain products in supermarkets.

The advantages of the Payment card

You may issue a physical Payment card such as a plastic card or issue a digital Payment card. The Payment card is secure and fraud resistant and can be linked to all PSPs. This significantly expands the network and creates a wide reach for providers and acceptors. The Payment card is an excellent solution for business-to-business opportunities. The Intersolve banking licence enables us to issue the Payment card in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations for electronic money management.