Gift cards

Closed-loop gift cards are cards of which the issuer and the acceptors belong to the same organisation. Nearly all retail chains issue closed loop gift cards.

Maximum opportunities with gift cards

Intersolve is a market leader in processing gift card transactions. Gift cards offer a wealth of opportunities in cross retail and B2B solutions, including possible links with different retail partners. Intersolve has an extensive network, making it possible to introduce your own gift card in to the market quickly, professionally and flexibly. This gives you the fullest range of options to make your programme a resounding success.

Links with current payments options

To enable processing in both online and off-line environments, Intersolve uses links with current payment options via cash registers, payment terminals and web shops. Using a link to distribution partners, you can sell your gift card through third parties.

Advantages include:

  • Activation at the moment of sale
  • Huge network of PSPs
  • Administrative simplicity
  • Cross retail and B2B possibilities
  • Availability of up-to-date reporting
  • A safe and fraud resistant environment

Physical / Digital gift cards

The gift card is not just limited to a plastic cards. It is also possible to send a digital gift card via email or to send a QR code.