Supervision of e-money gift cards

Issuing a licence based gift card is significantly easier using the Intersolve e-money license as it reduces time to market, reduces the need for investment and lengthy processes. Intersolve will enter into a co-branding agreement with you as an issuer of cards that are subject to supervision, such as open-loop gift cards.

Management and payments

Intersolve Payments B.V. takes care of managing payments such as collecting money at distribution points and making payments to acceptors. Due to our links to all the PSPs, there are no limitations for paying with your gift card.

Wide reach

As a market leader in the provision of gift card solutions, Intersolve has an extensive network of points of sale and acceptors (120,000 active locations), enabling you to maximise the reach of your gift card programme. Distribution of your gift card is simple as Intersolve links to all gift card distributors.


Electronic money management is only one part of the supervision requirements. Organisations must meet legal & compliance requirements for you as a customer, something that Intersolve is able to manage for you. For example, handling Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.