Issuance and management Open-loop gift cards

Intersolve are able to handle the issuance and secure management of Open-loop gift cards. These are cards that are accepted by various independent partners where the issuer of the card is a different party from the card acceptor. With an Open-loop gift card, consumers can make payments with a range of participating retailers, acceptors and webshops. As an issuer, you are able to decide where acceptance of the gift card is possible. Intersolve uses the infrastructure of the distributors, providers and acceptors e.g. their cash register, (payment) terminal or webshop for the implementation.


Legislation regarding gift cards

In many cases, you will need a licence for issuing and managing electronic money from the Dutch government if you wish to run a gift card programme. This licence is made available by De Nederlandsche Bank (the central bank of the Netherlands) and it ensures that balances are safely monitored. Intersolve is the only party in the Netherlands with a European EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licence and is therefore the reliable and secure partner for your project. Examples of projects that are carried out under our licence are the Book token and the Tourist Office (VVV) gift card. Would you like to know more about licence-based gift cards? Please visit ‘emoney gift cards’.


Let Intersolve issue your gift card

As an issuer of gift cards, you have a range of additional options available when using the Intersolve platform These include the benefit of using cross retail and business-to-business opportunities. By using Intersolve’s links with all PSPs, every type of online payment can be easily be achieved. Through the links with all gift card distributors, such as Lekkerland, Blackhawk, Incomm, Epay and Givacard, you can direct the distribution of your gift card via alternative channels and reach a larger range of consumers. Sales of your gift card can therefore be increased significantly with these capabilities.