City pass

Intersolve provides a city pass solution for the management of budgets and discounts linked to the city pass. With a city pass, municipalities enable local people on low income to participate in various activities in their city. This may be a sports lesson, a trip to the cinema, the purchase of a bicycle or school accessories. Holders of a city pass may also benefit from various discount schemes sponsored by companies and participate in activities of social organizations in their hometown.

How to pay with the city pass

Providers, passholders, passes, budgets and discounts are managed via the platform. The municipality deposits the available budget for the financial assistance it offers directly on the relevant city pass and the passholder pays for the activity or the purchase with the balance on the city pass. This way, the money goes directly to the provider and the holder of the city pass does not have to pay an advance. The arrangements and schemes for which budgets are available can be easily and safely accessed and enjoyed by the city passholder. Examples of projects of this kind are the U-pas in Utrecht, the Ooievaarspas Den Haag (“Stork Pass”; the symbol of The Hague is the stork), the Amsterdampas, the Kindpakket (“Child package” – a social benefit policy for children from low-income families) and Stichting Leergeld (“Foundation Course Fees” – which aims to prevent social exclusion of children from low-income families).

City Pass for City Marketing

In addition to the management of schemes for families on minimum income, the platform is also used in some cities as a City Marketing tool. The pass offers benefits and/or can be used as a means of payment by all residents. One example is the Rotterdampas, which is available to all inhabitants of Rotterdam and which offers discounts and extras to the passholder.

Safe PAAS for the city pass

Intersolve provides a PAAS (Platform As A Service) in which providers, passholders, passes, budgets and discounts are centrally managed. The platform is, and can be easily linked, to a huge number of retailers and providers. The payment transactions with the providers are processed by means of a holding account which is supervised by De Nederlandse Bank and the platform can be shown to meet the strictest security requirements and comply with privacy legislation and regulations.