Virtual payment accounts, e-wallets, are used for payments with online and offline retailers, peer-to-peer payments and for facilitating escrow services. Typical applications for these are payments via mobile devices, but also the issuing of payment cards.

Make the most of the Intersolve network

The extensive network of distributors and acceptors in the Intersolve network gives you significant opportunities for the use of your product. The e-wallets can be delivered in both a physical and a digital form and can be linked securely as a means of payment with PSPs and acceptors.

E-wallets Legislation

Those who wish to make payments with electronic money or manage electronic money require a licence from the Dutch government. This is a licence for issuing and managing electronic money from De Nederlandsche Bank (the central bank of the Netherlands) and it ensures that e-wallet balances are safely monitored. Intersolve is the reliable partner for your project, being the only party in the Netherlands with a European EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licence.