Boon & Bliss

Boon & Bliss app makes dreams come true

The Boon & Bliss app makes it easy to give someone their dream gift together with a group of people. Instead of physical gifts, gift cards or cash, the recipient has access to a digital wallet in which gift amounts are grouped. In this way, no unwanted gifts are purchased or returned, the givers contribute to the reduction of waste, and the recipient is able to purchase a higher value item.

The founders explain: “Boon & Bliss encourages you to make dreams come true, and to support each other. Whether you dream of a new laptop, a beautiful work of art or a mini-break, you decide and your friends can contribute. ”

Now that we have to be creative with the virtual celebration of birthdays, weddings, baby showers, new homes, graduations – or anything, really – there are plenty of opportunities to give the Boon & Bliss App a try.



Boon & Bliss was founded by a team of experienced professionals in the financial, technical and consumer industry. The company started small, with a focus on value creation for its customers. The ambition is to gradually develop a multi-sided platform that merchants can utilise as well, initially in the Netherlands and eventually with a global reach. Boon & Bliss is supported by various private investors with extensive entrepreneurial and tech experience.


Secure money management

Intersolve issues the wallets on behalf of Boon & Bliss in which savings are deposited and ensures payment is made at the right time.

The chosen solution for managing the funds from the Boon & Bliss app is the management of funds on a digital medium. Intersolve has a European EGI license (electronic money institution) and under this license the balances of the Boon & Bliss app are managed safely and responsibly.


Wallets from Intersolve

Virtual payment accounts and wallets are used for payments at online and offline retailers and for mutual payments (peer-to-peer), as is the case with Boon & Bliss. Typical applications for this are mobile payments, or issuing payment cards.

The wallets can be used in both physical and digital forms and can be linked securely as a fraud-resistant means of payment for PSPs and merchants


Want to know more?

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and on Google play. More information about using the app can be found on the Boon & Bliss website and on LinkedIn.

We chose the Wallet solution from Intersolve to ensure the management of our users’ money in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and because of the international scalability of this solution.” Katherine Baranova, CEO of Boon & Bliss.