Would you like to issue gift cards for independent partners? With Intersolve, you are assured of safe issuance and management, cross-retail and B2B solutions.
Intersolve manages budgets and discounts on the city pass and provides a PAAS (platform as a service) for this, which is linked to a huge number of retailers and providers.
With Intersolve as your partner in loyalty solutions, you can introduce your own loyalty programme quickly, professionally and flexibly.
Would you like to buy or sell a product? With the Intersolve Escrow service, you ensure that both buyer and seller can be confident that the transaction will be secure.
Intersolve has both the licence and the technical capabilities to issue e-wallets with which payments can be made.
Would you like to sell e-vouchers and e-tickets in your shop or webshop? Intersolve's transaction host will help you!
Would you like to issue a gift card that meets the requirements imposed by the government? With licence from the Dutch Central Bank, Intersolve can issue licence-based gift cards together with you.
We realise distribution of gift cards and e-vouchers via our distribution platoform that has a wide reach to retail parties, distributors and sales channels.
Are you looking for a secure payment platform for your crowdfunding projects? Intersolve are able to provide the technology based on its e-wallets, backed by the security of its E-Money license.