City Pass in minimum income policies

U-pas: cooperation between Intersolve and the municipality of Utrecht

On behalf of U-pas, Intersolve records and manages the budgets on the U-pas, the free (city) pass for people on a low income in the Utrecht region.

A pass with discount and contributions

A U-pas enables a family on low income to take part in sports and cultural activities in the region. The pass offers discounts on certain products and tourist attractions and also contributions to the costs of children going to school, such as a bicycle, computer or school events.

Registration and management of budgets

Intersolve registers the budgets available to the municipality of Utrecht on the U-pas and records were these budgets may be spent. Intersolve also registers the partners’ offers for each pass. The passholder receives their allocated budget and can see which offers are available. He can then spend the budget on the activities or articles that are on offer, subject to the agreed terms and conditions.

Paying with the U-pas

At the moment of payment, the U-pas is scanned and the partner can redeem the relevant offer. This transaction takes place on the Intersolve transaction platform in real time. On the basis of these registrations, the providers are then periodically reimbursed.

Creation of the U-pas bureau

Together with its partners Intermediad and IN10, Intersolve set up the U-pas bureau. This U-pas bureau assesses new passholder applications and recruits providers in order to deliver a full range of offers.

Where is the U-pas to be found?

The U-pas is distributed in an edition of approx. 50,000 cards to families in Utrecht, De Bilt, Houten, IJsselstein and Stichtse Vecht. The balance on the pass is issued to a specific person. This means that the passholder can only spend the balance for their own personal use.


“Since 2017, the municipality of Utrecht has been working together with Intersolve to further improve the U-pas. This will make it easier for residents of Utrecht to use the U-pas to participate in sporting, cultural and recreational activities in the region. Paying is easy and you can quickly see how much budget is left on your pass. In addition, the U-Pasbureau has ensured that many new providers of activities and offerings have joined the programme.”
Nanja Njio, municipality of Utrecht