Branded currency: optimising the customer journey

With the advance of digital and mobile technologies in the retail sector, it is possible to integrate all protected savings and payment products as a Branded Currency.


What is Branded Currency?

Branded Currency is the integrated use of combinations of digital payment and loyalty options, executed via a mobile wallet.

With a single click at the till or website you can make payment, receive discount, pay with a gift card, redeem coupons and promotion codes and save loyalty points.
With Branded Currency it is no longer necessary to scan individual discount coupons, customer cards or select a payment method with these being handling all in one transaction.


Optimise the customer journey

This new trend to integrate all payment methods in a Branded Currency is unique for retail stores and webshops, offering opportunities for optimising your customers’ journey. By streamlining customer engagement with Branded Currency retailers significantly strengthen their brand and customer satisfaction.


Ultimate Branded Currency

Adding a payment function gives you the opportunity to further expand and strengthen the Branded Currency concept within your organisation.


Continue to build on gift card and loyalty systems

Branded Currency is the logical continuation of the technical possibilities for gift card and loyalty systems. The Intersolve transaction platform is ready to enable different types of services to easily work together and to implement them in your organisation.

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